Challenge week 5

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When I was little, like, 5, I had an obsession with Scooby Doo. I bought stuffed animals, knew every show by heart, and only ate the gummies. My favorite character was Shaggy, which I now realized had a cool name for a dog owner, because he shared my love for food and dog treats. (I thought they were delicious.)

I also liked Velma because she was like my sister Kenna. Kenna, like Velma, was a bit nerdy and couldn’t see anything without her glasses.

Anyway, I liked Scooby Doo because I loved the mystery, the adventure, and the bad catchphrases, everything a bored 5-year old would want. I also liked trying to guess the culprit, which I was terrible at. But I tried. And failed of course.

I hate the cartoon Scooby Doo today though, the new version. Their eyes look weird, compared to the old version. I would watch a minute and scream, “THIS IS ALL WRONG.” And run to the next room.

Inspirational quote

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“Nothing is impossible! The word itself says, “I’m possible!””

Audrey Hepburn, a beloved British actress said this inspirational quote. She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third greatest female screen legend in the history of American cinema and has been placed in the International Best Dressed. One of her best acts was in Wait Until Dark in which she received Academy Award, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominations. She was also the first woman to win an Oscar. She remains one of the few people who has received an Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards.

The Phantom Below

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All you can hear is the echo of an organ and the faint dripping of the water falling from the ceiling. You can see things, thing you wouldn’t expect to see, in an underground cave, that is. Candles, flickering to dance with the cold wind, rushing from the lake. A blood-red cape, hangs from the deep purple bed. On top of the bed, it seemed as though someone dressed a life-sized manikin in a gorgeous wedding dress. The veil that obviously goes with the dress, seems to had be taken off, and now in a lump on the floor.

Where did that music come from? The grand organ answers that in a heartbeat. The sheet music, that was all over the organ and floor, seems to flutter back into their places, rising so their master can play.

But is most interesting, is the pure white mask, almost hidden by the blankets on the bed. Up close, you can see that its not pure white, but has small splashes of reddish-brown, almost like blood. You start to hear the echo of footsteps, so many feet herding this way. You can start to hear the voices, mangled with one another. And you realizes it’s time to go.

Pokemon Y

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I have recently received a 3DS and Pokémon Y game for Christmas/Birthday present. And it is amazing. As my starter Pokémon, I chose Fenniken who I nicknamed Finny. I also got a Torchic which was super cool. I played nonstop for two weeks and then beat the game. Right after I beat the champion, my 3DS died from lack of battery and now (of course) I lost the charger. And now I’m just playing HeartGold on my iPad. It’s really slow. And I miss Pokémon Y. And I’m still sad that I will probably never see Matt Smith again.

Just another day.

Brianna’s party accomplished!

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The party was a success! My mom was out of town, so Brianna’s mom supervised. When the guests started to arrive, me and Ellie stayed in our room (Kenna’s instructions) until we got hungry. As I went down the stairs, I saw a lot of people. More then I expected. There was at least 20. When I got my pizza, the games began. It was a murder mystery party, so the guests had to solve a murder.
To be short, Brianna died, Anna was the murderess. End of story.
Lots of people were coming into my room, thinking they were just empty. I waited with a metal pipe covered in fake blood. That got them away quickly.

Brianna’s Party

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My family shares a house with another. Since we had two extra rooms, we decided to rent the out. Now, Brianna and her mom, Annie live with us. It’s great to have a person who shares your interests. She likes Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural, just like my family. And she helps me with my iPad, because I am awful with technology.
About two months ago, it was Brianna’s birthday. We bought cheesecake to celebrate, bot she didn’t have a party. So, this weekend will be her “Disney Princess Murder Mystery” themed sleepover. Me and Ellie’s job (my twin) will to be creepy ghost kids and walk around holding candles. It’s going to so much fun! Kenna (my sister) is going to be a vampire, I think. It wouldn’t be hard since she’s really pale and has trench coats.
Until next week!

Uncle David

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Last week, for the first time ever, I met my dad’s brother, David. He lives in Missouri, and only comes to Texas for business, so it was exciting to see him. My dad, sisters and me prepared a huge dinner for him, because dad said he loves to eat. While I seasoned salmon, Ellie shelled the shrimp and peeled potatoes. As we started cooking, we heard a knock on the door. We rushed to it, called dad and opened it.
There on the sidewalk, was uncle David. He was older than I expected but looked very jolly, like Santa. That night we feasted on our great meal and talked. David tried to guess the seasoning I put on the salmon and got it right on the first try. It was kind of freaky. That night, we took a rare family photo, and said goodbye to David. He was going back to his hotel and wouldn’t see us until the weekend.

It was interesting to meet a family member you have never seen before.
And I liked him because he gave us Oreos.

Night Baron Poem

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I weave through the
Crowded street
Sorting through faces
I pass
Trying to find the
White mask on
A deep purple coat.

That lawless man,
That thief,
That criminal,
That murderer,
Running from me,
Planning his next target.

I must find him.
When I do
I will rip
The mask off his
Face and see
Who is behind
The white mask.

This is a poem about a character in one of my favorite books.